The Flexible Energy and Electronics Laboratory (F.E.E. Lab) at the University of Toronto was established in 2006 within the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Our research focuses on the electrochemical behaviour of inorganic and organic materials and their application in energy storage and in printed large area, flexible electronics. Ultimately, these efforts will complement each other to enable self-powered, flexible electronics to enrich our lives.

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Keryn K. Lian, Professor
BSc (Tongji), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Toronto)
Office: MB 212A
Phone: 416.978.8631
Email: keryn.lian(at)utoronto.ca


September 2017

  • Our paper "Polymerized Fuchsin and Modified Carbon Nanotube Electrodes for Electrochemical Capacitors", co-authored by J. NDiaye and K.Lian, has been accepted by Nano-Structures & Nano-Objects.
  • Congratulations to Haoran Wu, Jak Li and Alvin Virya on wining Hatch Graduate Scholarships for Sustainable Energy Research (George and Jak) and a Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Graduate Scholarship in Sustainable Energy (Alvin).

August 2017

  • Congratulations to Yeewei Foong on successfully defending his master's thesis. Best wishes to your future endeavors!

July 2017

  • Warm congratulations to Matt on a great PhD defense! Very best wishes to your future endeavors, Dr. Genovese!
  • Our book chapter “Polyoxometalates: Molecular metal oxide clusters for supercapacitors”, co-authored by Matthew Genovese and Keryn Lian, has been published in “Metal Oxides in Supercapacitors”. external
  • Congratulations to Jak Li on being awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS).
  • Our paper “Investigation of polyacrylamide based hydroxide ion-conducting electrolyte and its application in all-solid electrochemical capacitors” by J. Li, J.Qiao, and K.Lian has been accepted by RSC Sustainable Energy and Fuels.

June 2017

  • Our paper "Li2SO4-Polyacrylamide Polymer Electrolytes for 2.0 V Solid Symmetric Supercapacitors", co-authored by Alvin Virya and Keryn Lian, has been accepted by Electrochemistry Communications.

May 2017

  • We welcome summer research students Karelle Guiao, Andrew Grindal, and Julian Rosas. Best wishes for a productive, fulfilled and fun summer.

January 2017

  • We welcome Dr. Peizhi Shen who joined us as a visiting scholar.
  • Our paper “Polyoxometalate Modified Pine Cone Biochar Carbon for Supercapacitor Electrodes”, co-authored by Matthew Genovese and Keryn Lian has been accepted by the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

November 2016

  • Matthew Genovese won 2nd prize in the 2016 Electrochemical Society Canadian Section Fall Meeting student poster competition. Congratulations!
  • Our paper “Polyacrylamide-lithium chloride polymer electrolyte and its applications in electrochemical capacitors”, co-authored by Alvin Virya and Keryn Lian, has been accepted by Electrochemistry Communications.
  • Our paper "Proton Conducting Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Liquid and Solid-state Electrochemical Pseudocapacitors", co-authored by Sanaz Ketabi, Blair Decker, and Keryn Lian, has been accepted by Solid State Ionics.

October 2016

  • Our paper "Thin and Flexible Ni-P Based Current Collectors Developed by Electroless Deposition for Energy Storage Devices" co-authored by Haoran Wu, Amelia Susanto, Keryn Lian, has been accepted by Applied Surface Science.

September 2016

  • Welcome Alvin Virya as a new PhD student. Best wishes to your new endeavors!

August 2016

  • Congratulations to Blair Decker on successfully defending her M.A.Sc thesis. Nice job!
  • Congratulations to Alvin and Mel on successfully completing their MEng projects.
  • Congratulations to Arial Seebarranon winning 2nd place in the 2016 UnERD MSE podium presentation.

July 2016

  • Congratulation to Jak Li on being awarded an OGS Scholarship.
  • Our paper "A comparative study of tetraethylammonium hydroxide polymer electrolytes for solid electrochemical capacitors" co-authored by Jak Li and Keryn Lian has been accepted by Polymer.
  • Our paper “Ionic Liquid Derived Imidazolium Cation Linkers for the Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Polyoxometalate-MWCNT Composite Electrodes with High Power Capability”, co-authored by M.Genovese and K.Lian, has been accepted by ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces.

June 2016

  • We had a first joint meeting with Professor Aiping Yu's group from University of Waterloo to kick start our joint NSERC strategic partner program on "Advanced Graphene Fiber Based Wearable Supercapacitors".
  • Matthew Genovese, Haoran Wu, Jak Li, and Keryn Lian will be presenting at the PRiME 230th ECS Meeting this October.

May 2016

  • We welcome two undergraduate students, Iris Yu and Ariel Seebarran, to join us for summer research. Best wishes for a productive and fun summer!
  • Our paper “A H5BW12O40-polyvinyl alcohol polymer electrolyte and its application in solid supercapacitors”, coauthored by H. Gao and K. Lian, has been accepted by Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

March 2016

  • Our paper "Solid-state electric double layer capacitors for ac line-filtering", co-authored by Han Gao, Jak Li, John Miller, Ronald Outlaw, Sue Butler, and Keryn Lian, has been accepted by Energy Storage Materials.

February 2016

  • Best wishes to Dr. Han Gao who has joined Argonne National Labs as a postdoctoral fellow where he will be focusing on new battery technologies. Best wishes in your new endeavours!
  • Matthew will spend the next three months at Jiaotong University as visiting researcher investigating biomass carbon materials for energy storage. Enjoy your stay in Shanghai!

January 2016

  • Our paper "The unique properties of aqueous polyoxometalate (POM) mixtures and their role in the design of molecular coatings for electrochemical energy storage", co-authored by Matthew Genovese, Yeewei Foong, and Keryn Lian, has been accepted by Electrochimica Acta.
  • Welcome Jeanne N'diaye as PhD student. Best wishes for your studies and research.
  • Congratulation to Matthew Genovese on being awarded an NSERC Canada Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement.

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